• GO Gets You to School

    Savings 101

    Check out our Going to school page to find out how to:
    • Get your GO Student ID & PRESTO card
    • Get your student discount – over 15% off
    • Load your card online to make sure you always have enough money to get where you need to go
    • Register your card online so if you lose it, no problem, your money is safe
    • Sign up for On the GO alerts and get real time service updates

  • Presto Outage

    Some PRESTO services will be unavailable September 13 to 14

    Upgrades are being made to PRESTO and some services offered through prestocard.ca and the PRESTO call centre will be unavailable September 13 and 14.

    Find out more…

  • Transit Safety Officer

    Our Passenger Charter

    GO Transit's Passenger Charter is a set of five promises we're making to you, our valued customer. The following promises have been made by every GO employee to ensure that every customer has a safe and easy experience on the GO. Find out more and watch the video.

  • Central Counties

    Spend your summer in Central Counties

    Located just steps away from Toronto, it’s easy to go to Central Counties!

    For the month of August, PRESTO card holders receive discounts to some of their top attractions!

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  • Rockit

    Never miss the opening act!

    GO see your favorite bands in concert at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre and TD Echo Beach, just a short walk from Exhibition GO Station. Most Lakeshore trains run every 30 minutes, so you can avoid the hassles of parking and never miss a beat!

    Visit our Schedules page to plan your trip.

  • Construction projects

    Here’s How We’re Growing and Improving

    Want to know more about our construction projects? Check out what we’re doing and how it will improve your travel experience. You can also see the thousands of photos that show our progress.